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About By Caprice*
In 2006 Caprice invested her own money to start up By Caprice Lingerie.
As she fully finances, designs, models and markets her own hugely successful line she has created the success of By Caprice Lingerie entirely on her own. She was able to do so by saving her money from shooting covers, fronting campaigns, West End productions and various TV shows worldwide. Miss Bourret knew her modelling days had a limited life span. When she reached her 30-s she had to think of plan B. She started By Caprice Lingerie in the hope of creating a brand and a company that she could pass on to her future family and most importantly doing what she loves to do best: making ladies feel empowered, sexy and feminine by wearing her brand. 'I have organised numerous fit sessions with my customers and I love the way By Caprice Lingerie makes ladies feel. That is a reward in itself and makes
these constant 12 hour days worth every minute.’ In 2001 Caprice partnered with Debenhams - one of Britain’s leading department stores and launched her own range of licensed lingerie. The collection, designed and modelled by Caprice was an instant success. The UK press soon hailed Caprice ‘Queen of the Undieworld’. In 2006 Caprice dissolved the license deal with Debenhams and invested her own money to start By Caprice Lingerie. It is now sold all over the UK and globally. By Caprice products are stocked by high street giants and dozens of independent retailers. The business has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2006. ‘By Caprice Swim’ launched in December 2007 and ‘By Caprice Sleep’ in August 2008. In June 2010 Caprice launched By Caprice Bedding exclusive to Littlewoods.
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Launched Go By Caprice E-Commerce Website
Launched By Caprice Home
Launched new face and body of By Caprice for AW15 Ferne McCann
Launched new face and body of By Caprice for SS14 Ferne McCann
Launched new face and body of By Caprice for AW13 Lucy Mecklenburgh
Launched By Caprice Bedding
Launched By Caprice Swim to Littlewoods, Asos, Figleaves
Launched in Scandinavia
Launched By Caprice Lingerie to Next
Started selling to Independents. Now By Caprice distributes to 70 stores
Started selling By Caprice Lingerie to Littlewoods, Asos and Figleaves
Stopped all license deals with Debenhams and started distributing By Caprice to them
Launched By Caprice in South Africa and USA
Started By Caprice Lingerie. Caprice ... £263.000 of her own money to start By Caprice Lingerie
Signed license deal with Debenhams for Caprice Lingerie
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